Thursday, February 12, 2009

2 new journals

This week, I found two new journals have come into existence in the last few years, both of which have strong connections to philosophy of psychiatry and mental health.

One is The Journal of Ethics in Mental Health. It is an online journal, with free content. Articles are short and accessible to a diverse readership. Hosted by McMaster University, it started in 2006, and publishes twice a year. It looks like it would be especially useful as a teaching resource for courses in mental health ethics.

The other is BioSocieties. It is edtied by Professor Anne Harrington, Harvard University, USA, Professor Nikolas Rose, London School of Economics, UK, Dr Ilina Singh, London School of Economics, UK. Rose and Singh are core members of the BIOS center at the LSE. The journal started in 2006 and is published quarterly by Cambridge University Press. I haven't been able to read any of the articles because my college library does not have the appropriate subscription (and in the current economic climate, I doubt that we will get access to it) but the table of contents certainly looks interesting. It is interdisciplinary and critical, and promises to show the what can be achieved by bringing together work by people from different perspectives and trainings.

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