Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another new issue of PPP

The issues of PPP are coming fast and furious now. Hot on the heels of the last, I just received 15(2), June 2008. At this rate, the journal dates will start to match the calendar dates. This one is so new, it is not yet listed on the PPP website at Project Muse.

It is a special issue devoted to the toic of "Values-Based Medicine, Evidence-Based Medicine." It's good to see PPP occasionally delve into the broader area of Philosophy of Medicine. It makes sense then that the editors (Wifstad, Falkum, Ayob and Thornton) are European, where the tradition of philosophy of medicine is strong. I have only browsed the issue, but one notable feature is that it breaks from the standard format, with one section on values-based medicine with five papers, another on evidence-based medicine with four papers, and then four commentaries that address general themes rather than single papers. There are no replies to the commentaries. Given my comments in the previous post on the inherent limitations of the peer commentary approach (which is especially apparent in the American Journal of Bioethics), it is good to see the PPP editors mixing it up and trying new ideas.

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