Thursday, December 11, 2008

Neuroethics special issue on psychopathy and responsibility

Neuroethics Volume 1, Number 3 / October, 2008

Moral Responsibility and the Psychopath
Walter Glannon

Psychopathy and Criminal Responsibility
Stephen J. Morse

Psychopathy Without (the Language of) Disorder
Marga Reimer

Responsibility, Dysfunction and Capacity
Nicole A Vincent

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Psychopathy and Implications for Judgments of Responsibility
R. J. R. Blair

The Mad, the Bad, and the Psychopath
Heidi L. Maibom

On the one hand, I'm thrilled that there's a whole issue on this topic. On the other hand, I wonder when I'm going to have time to read all of these! It's the price of one's area of research becoming popular.

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Rob said...

I believe it was Oscar Wilde who said, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." I am pleased to see this much conceptual attention being turned to the constant social plague of psychopathy. It's a nice microcosm of the disease v moral weakness v problems in living debates about psychiatric conditions.

Perhaps one silver lining about being drowned in readings is that, while the field is popular, there's a kind of job security in it. Not a bad thing these days.