Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blog on Teaching Philosophy of Psychiatry & Mental Health.

I've created a blog on Teaching Philosophy of Psychiatry & Mental Health.
It is at

It is primarily a place to put up syllabi for courses. It is possibleto comment on the syllabi -- all comments are moderated.If you know of, or have, a syllabus in an area closely related tophilosophy of psychiatry you would like to be up on this blog, pleasesend it to me. If you know of a syllabus already online that I could link to, please send me the link.

I'm willing to take an inclusive approach, including many differentkinds of courses that raise philosophical and ethical questions aboutclinical psychology and abnormal psychology. So, for example, I would include history of psychology courses that include some considerations of mental illness and raise philosophical questions. I'm also looking for published articles on teaching philosphical issuesin psychiatry and mental health.

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